No 6

I recently took pictures of my beautiful friend Toni for her blog. What I really loved about this shoot was the different ways I played with light. It's amazing that by changing the angle and positioning of the model you can change the whole look of the photo, without changing the light source.



A few weeks ago, I went to Essaouria a lovely sea side city in Morocco.

The city is littered with great photo opportunities,  amassed with color, beaches, and heritage. It is a great place to visit.

Here is my take of Essaouria



So, this is day 1 of 30. The challenge is to write a blog post every day for 30 days. I was inspired to do this challenge because I love writing and I really enjoy blogging which I haven't done much of   either lately.

I also want to revamp the blog. I have been unsure for while what I want this blog to be, and therefore very indecicive of what I want to post on here. Now I just want to use this place as a creative place for whatever I want. I want to share my thoughts and feelings but also share my travel adventures as well my photography. I don't know why I put a limit to this space. I guess because I've always read that it's best to catorgorise your blog. Which has left me scrapping many posts about things that wouldn't necessarily fit in with the blog. I want my blog to be a reflection of me, and I'm a multifaceted person. I have a passion and interest in multiple things, and I want to share that

So this is it.

Day one.


So long 2015

Twenty-Fifteen has been a wonderful year for me. My first full year without being in education, which I have to say isn't all that bad, accept for all the bills and actually taking responsibility for your life. 2015  brought Netflix and chill and that I did that a lot)

I've learnt a lot about my self, and I feel I have grown and achieved so much. I've accepted who I am, and embraced my flaws.

I did not find "bae" in 2015, but I did get my heat broken for the first time.

I am around the same weight at I was at the start of the year. Although I feel I have I have toned up, and I have dropped a dress size. I've learnt not to rely on scales. I have been debating for a while to do a "How I lost the weight" post..

I fallen in love with underground bass music. I liked it before, but now I'm in love. Catch me on the dance floor in 20 years time embarrassing my kids

At the start of the year, I made a list of goals related to photography, I can now tick off every one of them, I've increas
ed my skills as a photographer and have been graced with many opportunities to improve and showcase my work. At the beginning of the year, when someone asked me what I did, I would say "photographer" even though I never even did a paid shoot. Well this year I photographed a festival, I've done studio shoots and I've shot club nights. I cannot wait for what 2016 will bring!

I've met the most amazing people (and not so amazing people) and both have taught me so much. There is so much kindness in the world, don't believe what the media tells you. Remember good news is no news.

I told myself, I needed to travel more and I have. I have visited this year Spain, Morocco and Croatia. Next year I will be going to the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Spain and Croatia, who knows I may travel to other places as well

There are so many other things I would like to post but I do not want to inundate with you with too much.

2015 has been great, full of unexpected surprises some great some not so great. I am happy to move on to the new year.

Bring on 2016!!

Sometimes mistakes are meant to be made.

The oxford dictionary defines a mistake as:

An act or judgement that is misguided or wrong.

Sometimes, we do things we know are wrong, or at the time think are right and end up wrong. But who are we to know that these things happen for a reason. To find ourselves a bit more, to discover something that we did not know existed, either in ourselves or the world. A mistake is only an act or judgement we look at negatively. An unintended outcome.

But, have you ever wondered to look at it in a positive way. Something to learn from, to stir us in a different direction than what we otherwise intended.

Mistakes are bound to happen. We never fully know all the information and outcomes of any decision we make. But isn't that the blissfulness of life?? We do not know what will happen. If we did, wouldn't it be boring?

I heard this quote and it got me thinking...

"Clouds never make mistakes, have you ever seen a cloud that was mishapen,..have you ever seen a badly designed wave?"

"If you treat yourself as a cloud or wave, you cannot make a mistake whatever you do... through this capacity you will develop a kind of confidence"

"Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning"

I hope this reaches you well xx


Madrid Part 2


Madrid is such a beautiful and cultural city. On my second day in Madrid, we explored wonderful shops Madrid had to offer. I bagged myself this jacket! My first white (or cream, I still can't decide) coat! As soon I tried it on I was in love!

After a long day of exploring, we decided to go for a walk in the park, upon which we discovered a fun fair! I didn't go on any rides as I was too tired but it was great photo opportunity!

We later met up with Liliana friends and their daughter. She was the most cutest, smartest and wittiest two year old I've ever! She loved every bit of the fun fair!

Stay tuned for part 3!

Angela x

Madrid Part 1

Hi! So I went to Madrid, now, what seems like ages ago. I had a really fun time and I enjoyed every minute of it. I stayed with a friend (Liliana) in Parla, who lives just outside Madrid. She was an amazing host, and treated me just like family.

 So on the first day, we headed to Sol, the centre of Madrid for a quick tour of the city. As soon as we got out the Metro, into the lovely streets of Madrid, I was greeted by a man who shooed me towards a band to take a picture with the lead singer! He gave me his sombrero too!

A lovely start to a wonderful city.

Jammon, this is what every one eats here!


Angela x